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Management and booking application for sports clubs, CrossFit, Fitness, Yoga, Martial Arts and Sports Coach

Discover the most intuitive and efficient sports club management platform on the market.

Streamline your operations with our dedicated management application designed specifically for sports clubs. Say goodbye to complicated processes and hello to simplicity, speed, and efficiency. With this user-friendly platform, managing your club becomes as easy as child’s play. Save precious time and simplify your life with this platform that is accessible from anywhere, at any time. Our administration interface ensures optimal usability through its intuitive design.

Member management

With Crossbook, you have an all-in-one application.
The platform gathers all the features you are looking for in a sports club management application.
Friendly and ergonomic, Crossbook is very easy to use.

Crossbook supports you in the management of subscribers, groups and prospects. The application also includes a function «multicriteria search». So you can search for your members according to their subscription type, courses, etc.

Course and event management

Managing your business has never been easier.
Add, edit or delete your courses in no time with our all-in-one management app.
The software offers you the possibility to set up different types of courses and events related to your center.
The application allows you to view all your courses and events on the same schedule.

Easy to use member interface

The app offers many options for your customers.
Bookings are made in one click.
Customers receive email alerts once a spot becomes available for a course they would like to take.

The application gives access to a management of your scores according to the WOD of your box.
The member interface also integrates an encoding of the WOD score, as well as a comparison with other members.
An encoding of the scores on the Benchmarks is also available via the application.

Easier subscription management

This application also offers management of rates, subscription formulas and other commercial aspects.
Crossbook helps you manage subscriptions and re-subscriptions more efficiently.
This application simplifies access to statistics, dashboards and databases.

It also makes it easier to manage bookings, as the application displays the number of possible bookings as well as the cancellation period.
Moreover, in case of cancellation on the same day or in case of no-show, penalties are automatically applied.

In order to facilitate the management of members and subscriptions, Crossbook integrates options that can be configured, such as

The rating or number of possible reservations
The list of current reservations
Course archives
The archives of the unsubscriptions


Easy subscription and payment management

Make your life easier by relying on an app that can rigorously track your members’ subscriptions and payments.
A dynamic interface helps you manage payments made by members, information about each member and their respective courses.
The sale of snacks, drinks and accessories is managed via the POS (point of sale) module .
The online sales module allows your members to renew their subscriptions and purchase additional services.
The Crossbook app gives you access to an option that makes it easier to schedule your courses.
A Nutrition module allows you to develop personalized nutritional monitoring.
Similarly, the Training module is designed to make it easier for you to design your programs.
By choosing our application, you will save a maximum of time and avoid possible errors.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

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