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Comprehensive Features for Managers

Managing a sports center requires a range of tools specially designed for the needs of managers. Our platform offers a range of features to simplify and optimize your day-to-day operations.


Complete member management: subscriptions, payments and SEPA mailings(EU)

Centralize the management of your members in a single interface. Easily control subscriptions, manage payments and use SEPA direct debit. All these elements are essential for optimal financial monitoring.

Course Management and Reservations : Your ally for efficient planning

The course and booking management function makes it easy to plan and manage your center’s activities. No more complications, everything is done to simplify management.

Schedule Management: Accessible only to Coaches

Improve the efficiency of your coaches by giving them exclusive access to schedule management. They can then adjust their schedules in real time, optimizing the coordination of activities.

Coach performance statistics: a fast, accurate overview

Your coaches’ hourly performance statistics can be easily viewed by period. This visibility enables you to optimize your team’s performance and ensure consistent quality in the services offered.

Point of Sale Tools : An Ecosystem to Manage Your Purchasing and Sales

Manage your items, purchases and sales directly on our platform. Invoicing and cash register management are integrated with our dedicated tools, for a seamless sales experience.

Online Sales: Subscriptions, Session Cards and Events

Increase your sales reach by offering subscriptions, session passes and events for direct purchase via a secure payment gateway.

Easier management of members

With Crossbook, you have an all-in-one application.
The platform gathers all the features you are looking for in a sports club management application.
Friendly and ergonomic, Crossbook is very easy to use.


The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need


Member management

Full member management, subscriptions, payments, SEPA mailing (bank direct debit)

Course management and reservations

Easily manage courses and reservations

Programming management

Manage and publish programming accessible only to coaches

Coaching Benefits Statistics

Quickly view your coaches’ hourly benefits by period

Point of Sale Tools

Manage your items, purchases and sales
Billing and checkout directly on the platform with our dedicated tools

Online sale

Offer direct purchase, subscriptions, session cards, events with payment via secure gateway

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