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Effortless Course and Event Management

Take control of your courses like never before. Easily add, edit, or delete courses in a matter of seconds with our all-in-one management app. Our software provides you with the flexibility to create various types of courses and events tailored to your Club or Gym. Stay organized with a unified schedule that displays all your courses and events, while also providing access to scores and statistics.

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Session programming

Reserved access to publish programming visible only to coaches

Individual programming

Easily schedule PT sessions in advance if desired, separate scoring system to view your athletes’ progress

Group Programming

Increase your revenues by offering group programming, for example for competitors
separate scoring system to view the progress of your athlete groups

Athlete statistics

Visualize your athletes’ progress with our statistics tools

Nutrition program (BETA)

Interface for developing nutrition programs by day, meal, food category and food

Training program (BETA)

Implementation of a training program, per day, type of training and exercises in various categories (more than 300 exercises)

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